1. Mephisto

    Bleach Fans pissed off at Gene Simmons' son

    SHOCKER! Gene Simmons’ son, Nick, is a total prick! I can’t believe it. I have no idea how that ever could have happened. I mean, he had such a good role model growing up. I have no idea what that means, so I trust the translation :p : And about the similarities to Bleach, check for...
  2. CM

    Gene Pool! Free game, sort of like "Spore".

    This isn't the most "gr4fx" game ever, but it's fun IMO. Basically, it's a Darwin simulation. You start with a primordial pool full of different basic organisms. They swim around, eat food and reproduce until one kind takes over the pool. You can also save and load organisms and pools, so...
  3. Vejimaru

    Gene Starwind Sig

    Yay! I got PS working! Okay. Here is my new sig for Magnus. What do you think? Critz plz
  4. G

    @[email protected] ^^

    Hmm i've finished my new model, it's cell form one and it's still in work but pleaz gimme some critz to improve this thing ;) here you go
  5. F

    first background

    Critz Please!
  6. G

    Esf_bridge V1

    +- max 6 players a destroyable 'highway' bridge trough desert cliffs its my first map i actually 'released' as mostly i get bored with one half way done get it here : screaaam if i forgot something ..
  7. fatmanterror

    Gene model done, early skin though

    GENE MODEL there ya go i posted it before but when i clicked the link it messed up so im just makin sure. i decided not to do a hilda model, im going to include spike from cowboy bebop instead which is the next model im doin
  8. fatmanterror

    gene starwind model

    im makin a gene starwind model from scratch and its almost done ill have some pics soon, but does anybody know if there is an outlaw star mod already because my friend is about to start on one and thats what this model is for