1. Mkilbride

    Developers claim costs for developing for next gen consoles will "double" Hmm, gee, that's weird. PC titles for years have been putting out better textures and higher polygon models, and they primarily sold for less. What a bunch of bull****. This just in: X720...
  2. Z Power

    Unreal Engine 3 - Next Gen is coming! What about now Dam, can we say Epic now, huh! huh! Oh and, Sweet Nukems! Next Gen is Now!
  3. D

    Gaming Laptop

    I need one. I move around too much to build another desktop so I have no other choice. I haven't kept up with computer specs over the last two years so I'm out of the loop. I've been looking at Sager's NP9850 and 9280, as well as Alienware's M17x. I have $3k to play around with, though I'm...
  4. M

    Gen. Patraeus Delivering Iraq Assessment Next Week

  5. A

    Pick 3 Games out of next gen consels(as many as u like)

    PS3-Tekken 6 Wii-SSBB 360-n/a(none for 360 because not planing on getting 1
  6. M

    2 new way of the samurai games to hit next gen consoles. I was actually amazed to see this, after how ppl said they hated numbed 2, i loved number 2 but thats besides the point. Can't wait to see how online...
  7. D

    psing with gen balls

    yeah, well i got to think about these new generic balls and they seem pretty cool.but then i got to thinking about psing with them and i thought about using a generic beam vs a spirit bomb which then made me think about a generic ball psing with a spirit bomb. say play a has a pl of 30 mil and...
  8. S

    ok i dl a tarrain genorator for..

    ok i dl a tarrian gentorator for milkshape 3d but i was wondering if there is a plugin of somekind that will let me export, and compile it so i can run it in esf? can any one help me out with this plz?? and if ya no the link plz post it thx muchly! ssj Nathan
  9. S


    How do i make mountains and stuff with hammer. those mountains just like in esf maps. :confused:
  10. B


    this is my first real artwork, so be gentle :) i dont know why some of the objects look grainy :/ bryce rendered with anti aliasing on so :/ (btw what catagory is this artwork? :p
  11. Emeka650

    namek terrain

    Here is a namek terrain I made i easy gen. Crits and what you think. The green isnt water its just too show off how the water will look when its made
  12. Ryoko

    A.. uhn thingy. Featuring Ryoko

    I dunno what it falls under but I decided to post it anyway. What do you all think?
  13. G

    Otherworld Tournament.

    This is an idea for a map. The Otherworld Tournament! Where Goku and Piccon fought. I would be in the shape of a circle and a square area in the center for the fighting area. A chair for the Grand Kai and rocks hovering above it all, like in the show. If no one plans to make it, i've been...
  14. Kman3252

    Gohan In Piccolo outfit Reskin WIP

    This is my first reskin. The ears are big because i cant model so i cant edit them.Tell me what you think and what i should change. Well heres a pic. sorry had to take off pic
  15. N

    New night fox...

    As you all can see this is still a based sketch I didn't think about what he should look like so much as the crits i got..:fight: LOL.. the crits hurt but i like honesty thanks all! BTW...This is only the fist sketch of the new night fox look.. so please be gental... *PLEASE!!*:\
  16. ZuL

    ZuLs Models (newbie modeler :D)

    I make models too, as at least Cucumba! knows of. So i made this thread to spam (.... did i say spam?) pictures of them. Here is a pic of one of my models (please keep in mind that i have a hard time getting better): ZuL
  17. DiebytheSword

    Maximum map size. . .

    Does anyone know what the maximum map size is for a ESF/HL map? I tried to make an absurdly large on in gen-surf, which worked, but it was all messed up in Worldcraft. Anyone?
  18. S

    Please be gental! lol

    Like it I want an honest answer.
  19. GLOsticks R Us

    -Some of my drawing art skills!-

    HEres some of my own made up characters I did one day, tell me what ya think...... Characters are as follows- Natsu, Yugi (Left) and Gen (Right) and then M.01 is the last character... "GLO"
  20. K

    anyone have a regestration code and name for milkshape if so please tell me im

    if u can give me ur regestration and name for milkshape i would apreciate it thx
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