1. Killface

    For all you gearheads and electrical geeks...

    I need yo helpeh! So basically whats going on is I want to supercharge my ATV engine by using a vacuum motor from an Oreck vacuum that nobody uses anymore... The problem: I need a 120 volt electrical source to power the motor, and a 12 volt battery wont do the trick. (as far as i know...
  2. M

    Drug Dealers Vs. Geeks ROFL'ed at that one.
  3. Suh Dude

    Summoner Geeks

    This totally reminds me when I play Age of Mythology the board game. >_>
  4. Twilight

    Apolagy For A Friend

    I made this for a friend who I pissed off. Let me know what you think of the artwork and how youd receive it if you were the person its directed to....
  5. D

    what happened to the guys who were slaggin us off for bein geeks ??

    any one know what happened to those guys who were slaggin every one off ? i haven't seen them on for ages now, they were funny as hell !