1. Zeonix

    Gay Marriage Legal in NY

    About time.
  2. Kaination

    Gay marriage legalized... again! in california.

    Man do I love california. boooooyah *****es. Next stop, legalized marijuanna, november.
  3. Dzamija

    Gay Pride parade cancelled.

    Alright. I am posting this because I wanna talk about the "gay pride" parade that was supposed to go on today in Belgrade, the capital city of Serbia. It was called off because the authorities considered it to be a tad too dangerous and risky for the participants of said parade, dangerous...
  4. Hiro

    Help a n00b make a sig

    Will someone plz make me a sig? IT WOULD BE MUCH APPRICIATED. Heres what I would like: I want it to say: -=[TIS]=- SSJ Son Goku somewhere on the sig. *I dont care where*. I would like it to have a picture of goku going SSJ and somthing cool. :)
  5. H

    my second sig

    hi all i just made another sig its my second one and i had just corrected some mistakes and i would like to hear some opinions and advices or what ever u want to say about the sig
  6. Akhkaru

    MS3D UV mapping?

    How do you UV map in MS3D, cause I wanna skin models I am planning on doing :)
  7. R

    anroid17(GOTTO SEE)

    here is my new model and one of my greatest to updates soon here ya go
  8. S

    Omg!! F*ck Everyone In This Gay Esf Community

    All i wanted was the m*tha F*cken URL to the M*ther F*cken AKIMBOTS..and you guy's ignore me and call me gay..SO **** YOU AND YOU AND YOU AND YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.......**** THIS dumbass place..i lost my interest in this mod.....**** YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. S

    Sick of Sigs well heres another one!

    Alright how is it?
  10. xstortionist

    Young Gohan Model.

    Here is one of my newest DBZ models that I made about 3 months ago. I haven't really been making models for a while since I've been spending alot of time with my friend on our new web page, but I thought it would be cool to let some of yall look at one of my OKAY models. Here it is. young gohan
  11. D

    My New Sig

    comments anyone? btw: hibiki dont reply or ill rape your mom... we dont need any more gay hibiki talk...
  12. K

    Ussj Vegeta Done!!!

    Here is a front and back pic of him. I still have to slightly adjust the skin, but other than that, it's done Do not expect it out VERY soon. I am checking with Tien whether to make this public or -[GF]-'s And antoine, I will give this to you!
  13. J

    your sig koblano

    here it is :) <img src="">