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    hmmmm gateway doesnt exist?

    ok so basically, ive been trying to connect my uncle to the internet, his ISP say its a problem on his end. i know ive connected everything up right, and that the software is installed right. but its telling me it cant detect a connection. then in the softwares help section, doing a health...
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    What was your gateway anime?

    What was the anime that you first saw that really got you into this genre? The first anime that I saw was also the first that got me into it, which was Sailor Moon, DBZ, and Akira. i am glad to say that I have moved way beyond DBZ and Sailor Moon and now enjoy "real" anime. :p
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    gateway timeout

    it's about the link to download ESF for windows. (1.1 off course) it says: gateway timeout. What is it?
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    Is down?

    Hey guys! Is down? because everytime i try to go there it goes "Gateway error occured" Can anyone help me?