1. Optimus Prime

    Team Canada? More like... Team Garbage

    Well, the men are out in hockey, needless to say I'm deeply dissapointed, but not surprised. Not to take anything away from them, they're all great players, but they played like crap, and the other teams were on their A-game. Shutouts by Finland, Switzerland, and Russia. Can you say owned much...
  2. Nabore

    That Melee is Garbage...

    What the **** are you guys doing to this game? This game just turned into a stand still... How is there any fun in a lame ass stand still fighting system like this. Why the delays in fighting.. Who wants to play a freeze every 10 second game. I like it the way it is right now. This is going...
  3. V

    Vegeta Begin Saiyan Saga ( Coloured Armor )

    *Image and Download removed due to controvercial reasons* -grOOvy Its a reskin and fixed some bugs in it. Ive worked 2days on it almost non stop ! I hope you all like it. Credits: - D.C. Darkling for the model/Textures - SJ Prince for the great idea/host - Textures/Edit By...
  4. B

    want your model skinned ??

    if anyone wants to get there model skinned i can do it for you. you have to give me links to reference pics (atleast one of the face) just send the model and if you've started the skin to : [email protected] i promise i'll make it a good one. i can also improve things on the model if...
  5. sexyasian86

    Piccolo Buu!!! ^________^

    here is something for you people that wanted another buu got bored so i decided to make this. here is the buu. :laff: will also be with the site. Credits: Logan [for buu model] ESF fatbuu [for the cape, long white long thing on back] S-Bolt [for the chest armament, white thing around...
  6. D


    where can i find a gotenks pls help me
  7. Mr.Bugskin

    GT Goku Skin

    Here is the skin but im not gonna put it into a model cuz i dunno and credits go to God Gundam and Me for reskin and skin edits Edit:this goes to the Goten Model to let u know
  8. S

    battle woundet veggi

    i made a battle woundet veggi (not done) ill ike to hear how it is so fare......o_o
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