1. S

    Naruto model ( pre 3 yr gap)

    hey there! i finished this yesterday. Its my second model i ever finished (the 1st i finished was the mario model, tho i didnt finish the skin :] ) Devon uvw mapped it for me. And im now the the process of skinning it. so ill update it soon. Cya
  2. kartsah

    European clan tournament released! Applications gap: 200!

    Welcome to our tournament! This tournament is sponsored by : TF : & CnX. With this tournament, we are aiming on finding out the top20 best Esf gamers in Europe. Everyone is allowed to join these tournaments, even the banned ones from our forums and servers. The application gap is 200...
  3. C

    Nara Shikamaru (3 year gap, *spoiler* on the looks) 4950 +/- Polycount. I probably could have saved some poly if I didn't add some details like I did but I prefer it this way lol. Comments please.