1. ZeroNightmare

    lol @ Gamespot April Fools Just look at everything... New DS game, "Good Touch, bad touch" rofl
  2. R

    Megaman model please!

    I was wondering if someone could make me this megaman battle network model it would be greatly appcrieated I want it to replace the vegeta model in esf and here is a good pic email to me at...
  3. TehMuffinMan

    >>>>the New Solidus<<<<

    ive been working hard on the trans model of my solidus pack, mainly because losing his tenticles does not seem... a trans, so i have him a little.. juce ^_^ in other words, i have him amazingly large swords, yay ^_^ anyways, ive also been working on the animations for it too so the swords do...
  4. B

    LOL Gamespot says Zelda is for ***s,10850,6019667,00.html Read the caption. LOL i didnt think they could say that