1. sub

    Games that deserve a remake

    What are some games that you think deserve a remake?
  2. Robby

    Real Life vs 3D games Warning: minor... nudity. Very funny.
  3. buculie

    Steam Games!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can somebody tell me why Steam don't show me all games ????? I have CS 1.6(counter-strike.gcf) and HL1 ( half-life.gcf) but I can't see them !!!!! Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?????????? :talk: :shocked: :confused:
  4. Greenberet

    ESF icon in the steam games menu!

    Well you all know all the valve games like HL2/CS/CSS/CZ/HL/DOD are having his own icon in the games menu from steam. But esf has it NOT. But it is possible. You dont trust me? Well here is an screenshot You want it also? No Problem! Download it from HERE. Add the next line into...
  5. Ravendust

    Adding games to Dedicated Server GUI

    How can I add games to the dedicated server drop-down list? I've got like 20 games/mods/addons installed on Steam but only the official Valve ones show up.
  6. -Blaze-

    Other chrono trigger games

    I really want to see something new from chrono trigger , mabe someone know any good CT games that are around? I only know that there is(was) CT:Ressurection project, but it's dead. :(
  7. D

    Anyone interested it buy a ps2+4 games

    I will sell my ps2,dbz budokai 3,Prince of persia,devil may cry,kingdom hearts for a total of 145$,if you want ill throw in Swap magic discs+slide card for 165$.Swap magic is a boot disc to play imported games,slide card is a tool to open the ps2 disc trey,ill provide a tutorial for the slide...
  8. B

    Just games

    This is a thread just for any game(good game worth downloading) that a lot of people play, big community, etc. etc. Not illegal download i mean its just free. Im seriosly bored game wise at the moment and need a fix O_O If there has been a thread already for this then im sorry.
  9. Chitenga

    Japanese DS games on American DS system?

    Im pretty sure this goes here. Well anyways, i was thinking on buying Jump Superstars.Since its a Japanse game, i have no idea if it will work on my DS. Thanks in advance.
  10. Gama

    Final Fantasy games

    im board again and im going to take my bordom out of these forums by asking weird question of what is your fav FF game im gonna make a poll from 6 to 11 plus tatics and FFCC, im not including 1-5 come on guys lets face it they were poo =P
  11. M

    The other upcoming DBZ games

    Dragon Ball Z Super Sonic Warriors 2 for the DS: Chou Dragon Ball Z for the Arcade: There is also and upcoming PSP dbz game coming out it is called dragon ball z , but i couldnt get any screen shots
  12. Chakra-X

    Video Games on PC

    Frequently, a video game made for a console will be made for a computer as well (i.e GTA: San Andreas. Sonic Heroes) and vice versa (i.e Half-life, The Sims). Why would someone want to buy a game that is for a console but play it on their computer? This is sole opinion for me and that is...
  13. ZeroNightmare

    Why cant there be more games like this :( whats wrong with making it for the console :P everyone loves a budget titel. but this game looks sweet as hell for the psp :O lots of old skule goodness