1. Gama

    Gama's 3D

    Been a long time since iv been here, figured I would post some of the WIP stuff I has on the go atm (yes i work on loads at once O.o) I'll post more when i has more time :)
  2. S

    Happy birthday Gama!

    happy birfday you crazy artist you!
  3. Gama

    Gama Art Dump!

    Decided to dump some of my art here, prob seen some of it before: Sigs:
  4. elNarr

    Happy b-day Gama!

    B-day! remember to have a good one ;) *Image removed due to violation of our AUP* -Phobius
  5. Suh Dude

    SIG. R1: Gama VS Valaska

    After the two contestants have posted their entry, you, the forum user may vote, describing why he/she has the best themed signature. Please do not respond to this topic unless the two contestants have posted their entry. If you have a question please PM me! Thank you. Also, I have thought of...
  6. Gama

    Gama's Art Thread

    just decicded it be easier if i post all my artwork in one single thread rather then make lots but anyways lets kick this off with some quick art iv done: this is a quick painting i did for my mums bday as i forgot about it and had to paint...