1. Wangster

    Fuzzy eyebrows

    ^_^ made a picture of Rock-lee today, since yesterday, he is my ultimate favorite char, *cuz ive seen the fight against gaara* verry cool :) anywayz, i screwed up the face a lil with sloppy ness, and ugly curves. here it is: http://members.lycos.nl/cl3rcx/Rock-lee.jpg C&c? :)
  2. OubliezJe

    My cuz's art work

    What cha think sorry its fuzzy and looks crappy but you still can tell the detail..... (he took it with a camera) AND YES HE DIDDRAW THESE
  3. owa

    Garnet Indy Art

    Hey, http://www.deviantart.com/view/2616701 Just go there and tell me what you think, either here or comment there.
  4. Death The Jedi

    Plan Of Attack

    Version 2.. come on people. 10 veiws, no responses?
  5. S

    First Naruto pic

    name sez it all:
  6. N

    Veggeto art?......

    I couldn't help myself........I'm sorry guys I thaught this was a good picture after i got done with it but i know the coloring is off and the eyes look really wierd...Sorry, Sorry, Sorry,Sorry,Sorry,Sorrrrrrrrry!!!! But now to prisent my feture of...
  7. Ryoko

    New Ryoko drawing

    Ok, I scanned my latest drawing up. Its my best yet, but it isn't 100% accurate ~_~
  8. P

    New Sig =)

    Hi, im new to the forums, just thought id show you guys the sig i plan to use =) tell me what you think
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