1. E

    Please Any L33t Designers please

    can any l33t designers make me an interface for my site if u say yes ill pm u the details thanks ps. I hope futile says yes..... or anyone.....
  2. F

    Futile's Sig Thread

    I'll just use this thread for my sigs....nothing else.
  3. E

    Please make me a sig?

    Can someone anyone make me a sig with dbz characters???
  4. Vegito1180


    Why Do I Keep Getting Banned.I Dint Do Anything?
  5. F

    quicky sexy

    yup...and it is blue too. I don't really care for rates as much as the comments...and in this case the humorous one *wink wink*
  6. S

    Sig, By SwordMaster

    anyways devers closed my last thread because i add'et it in offtopic, well at the text to off-topic it says: "Off-Topic Come here to talk about anything NOT related to Earth's Special Forces. This is where you can test your sigs, and do other miscellaneous things." doesent that mean that...
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