1. H

    How to fuse the easy way!

    Go to your esf folder, open the listenserver with notepad. Delete the "0" number and put the number "1". ^ will stay look like this. Now save and close notepad. Now, do the fusion dance. If the arrows appear try to do the 3 first arrows movement fast*, after that, press "Pause...
  2. F

    i cant fuse into Gogeta

    hi all ok when i try to fuse into gogeta (or gotenks) anyway i mean try to use the fusion dance i can NEVER sucsessfully complete the arrow key combination any suggestions?
  3. F

    How do you fuse?

    ive searched the forum on the info about this but cant find any so, how do you fuse like umm lets say into gogeta?
  4. G

    How to fuse in evm

    Hello,does anyone know how to fuse with the potara earrings in evm or how to get them?:laff:
  5. I

    how do i fuse with a bot

    topic also how do i fuse altogether or a manual thanks in advance:warning: :warning: :warning: :warning: :warning: :warning: :warning: :warning:
  6. O

    Sombody know how i can fuse with bot to vegetto in EVM???

    somebody know how i can fuse with bot to vegetto in EVM. i know fuse in online but no one want to fuse to vegetto, so i want to fuse with bot and someone said that i can but i dont remmber how.so please tell me how i can fuse with bot to vegetto in EVM
  7. S

    how can i merge skels

    how do i merge skels and i need animators how can i merge skeletons? im trying to make a goku vegeta fuse into gogeta. i tryed renaming one skel and then mergeing but it doesnt work can someone please tell me how is there even is a way. thanks
  8. X

    Everything About Mapping

    Introduction Hey just thought I would help get rid of all those stickies! This is all the stickies put together plus my own added stuff (some info here and there making it better). I hope this helps and I would like to thank all the people that started stickies and Stryker for making them...
  9. Skinnerfool

    Check It Out

    lol iwas practings so look
  10. GoJita

    Can i get sig please

    I would like a sig with like goku bending over to fuse on one side and vegeta bending over on the other side to fuse with Goku, and Gojita standing in between them
  11. M

    About gohan

    If u are gohan and u have a full cf u can go ssj but if u are ssj or cf is lower and if u fight u can get it back up is this to go ssj2 or what?? i'm a little confused
  12. K


    is it possible to fuse on this game i mean like HL could you make it like that so one person controls attacks and the other movement? cause that would be awsome get around same ki then have vegeta and goku fuse!! it could simulate a viechle once you think about it?