1. B

    Include Funimation Music In Esf?

    Hi, i was thinking about something here :D I think that Adding Dbz Funimation music to the esf game could make it even more epic. For example when you're summoning the eternal dragon this theme plays. Think about it ^_^
  2. Deathshot

    FUNimation All on Sale Looks like you can buy all of DBZ for about $20 now on DVD. Pretty much everything is on sale right now. I went ahead and bought a bunch of stuff off here.
  3. N

    which one u like more ocean or funimation

    well on youtube lol ive been looking at dbz ocean dub and trying to compare it to funimations one you can talk about which one you think is better and why i love both of the dubs i wish that they fuse and have funimations music and put the ocean dub actors in sometimes. NO FLAMING PLZ thanx
  4. J-Dude

    DBZ Funimation Dub MIDIs?

    I've been looking for the longest time and my search has always been fruitless. I'm a huge fan of Faulconer's music, and as he doesn't seem like he's releasing any more best of DBZ soundtracks, I've been searching high and low through the Internets to get my Faulconer fix. Mainly I've been...
  5. M

    FUNimation - Remastered Dragon Ball Z Episodes

  6. VeGeTTo


    dudes funi bichslapped Bidforpower for using dbz chars , and they change it , but WHY esf is still on his feet ? , i mean i know that bfp tried to sell but the team sayd that a member of the team is struggling for a big amount of time to stop funi to close esf , but why did they not close it...
  7. A


    :no: :no: that sucks what funimation is doin to yall. You arent makeing any money off of this so why take legal action. There have got to be like 10 other DBZ mods out there! this blows...especially before 1.3. I was waiting for that for a long time. THIS IS SO BOGUS!!! ~an esf fan
  8. H

    ESF and Funimation

    Well, I'm new to the forums, but I've been following the developpement of ESF for quite a while. And Now I see that news about Funimation who's asking to stop ESF. I knew it had to happen since ESF has gained more and more success over the years. So, I come to the main idea of my post...
  9. P

    New Funimation Channel 24/7 Devoted to Anime Cartoons

    I don't know if you guys know about it or not, but apparently Funi plans on having its own network devoted to dubbed anime, and i thought you guys who are anime fans regardless to what u think of funi, might be intrested in this ^_^. I found this on the dbzonps2 boards acourse, since some of...
  10. SSJ 4 Vegito

    Goku soundpackGT(from funimation)

    This is my soundpack when SSJ 4 Goku fights Bebi from funimation episodes tell me what you all thinkGoku GTsoundpack spiritbombs engoy
  11. Mr. Satans

    FUNimation & DMZ -- WTF?!

    Gah! FUNimation has gotten to DMZ, thankfully they didn't shut it down but instead are going to port it to consoles. HURRY ESF TEAM! Before they you j00 t00
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