1. S

    3dsmax FRUSTRATION!

    Im ****ing pissed off, i came to work in 3dsmax today, and when i open a model, the texture looks like blobs of colour... not what the skin looks like... i had a problem like this before but i solved it with putting my drivers to ultra high quality... but this time it doesnt work =\... anybody...
  2. Mr. Satans

    "Open With..." Frustration

    UGH! I can't get my .mdl files set to open with hlmv.exe >.< (WINDOWS XP btw) When I go to the OPEN WITH... dialogue I click BROWSE and I find & select hlmv.exe, click ok and BAM, it doesn't add it to the "Open With..." program list! I never had this problem before I reformatted. I...