1. N

    Frequent crashing, again (ESF 1.2.3)

    I made a thread awhile back in the Addons, Plugins & Scripts part of the forum regarding crashes with ESF when I had ECX/BP installed on top of ESF. I no longer have either of these on ESF because I got sick of all the crashing, every 5-15 minutes. Anyway, I thought that ECX and BP were the...
  2. [SAS]Orion

    Speaker Problem - random frequent "Popping"

    The title says it all really. My speakers have recently started popping, very frequently but still randomly, whenever I turn them on. This occurs even if I play no music, or do anything. I've reset the cabling, and they still do it, and i've also noted that it seems to be my front ones...
  3. P

    My Sig not too frequent of a poster here but i thought i would try and get some feedback on my new sig
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