1. Mkilbride

    [Tech Dirt]Announcing The Declaration Of Internet Freedom
  2. M

    Operation Iraqi Freedom Officially Ending

    Here's an excerpt: Source: Discuss.
  3. Damaera


    So you both will probably never see this, but happy ****ing birthday loves. <3<3
  4. L

    America: From Freedom to Fascism

    Anyone see this movie yet? I'm about half-way through it, pretty interesting although I knew you didn't have to pay income tax already.
  5. .Guzzie.

    Happy Birthday FreeDoM.

    Happy Birthday Freedom Have a good one :) We appreciate your contribution towards the game. -GuZzie
  6. FreeDoM

    Monster Hunter: Freedom PSP

    I only played it for 30 minutes, but it's pure l33tness. Hopefully it'll pass time with my upcoming 10 hour plane ride. Anyone have it? Any tips on how to not get owned with my slow-ass greatsword?
  7. V

    Freedom To Facism

    whoamgfacismremovedthislink Check it out.
  8. P

    Freedom from mechmod

    Has anyone thought or done this yet? Take the freedom model from mechmod and stick it in esf? I tried it and it's cool but the model doesnt have the animations and is a lil big. Anyone done this the right way and edited the model?
  9. J

    Happy birthday FreeDoM!!!

    enjoy!!! :D
  10. M

    Gundam Freedom & MK-II monstah!

    Aside from a bunch of coding done by the coding team, the mech mod modelling / skinning team has some updates that most didn't make it ontothe last web page update. Firsty, the Monster MKII from Robotech / Macross: model by our newest addition to the team - Vash2k4 Next up is ye...
  11. Darkside

    Freedom Gundam

    skinned my old Freedom Gundam model that i made a long time ago, as well as fixed it up a bit
  12. T

    FREEDOM can u answere these or any other beta tester

    since youve played before are all the building and stuff breakable aka can u blow everything the **** up. also i would like to know what new attacks are there for the characters if u have time :)
  13. Scorcher2k

    Thank you Freedom

    I just read your Dev journal and I just have to bow. Everytime that I have told someone that the disc will crash people it just turns into and argument and I haven't heard of any attempts for a fix or even what the problem was. I am aware that the disc was being redone but I was always curious...
  14. Darkside

    Freedom Gundam
  15. grOOvy

    Happy Birthday, FreedoM and Ecchi_Pr0n

    /me looks at today's birthdays list on forums.. A very happy birthday to Freedom (our awesome sound artist), and also to Ecchi/Nameless (former beta tester + IRC wierdo o__O). Hope you two enjoy your special day and party a lot! ^_^
  16. D

    "Wing-X" is COMPLETE!

    Can j00 say...1337 PWn4GE!? :D
  17. S

    freedom and the japaense sound pack?

    Alright its been a long time since I have been to these boards. Seems things have cooled down and it was not as bad like a few months ago. I want to say hi to all those who remember me. My question is basically the topic name, did freedom ever release the sound pack?
  18. E

    Modeling program

    someone should make a modelling program that is simple and easy to use. For example: if you have played a WWF smackdown game for PS2 and you go to create a character mode, it is easy and simple to use.
  19. S

    Iraqi Freedom

    What do you guys think of the Attack America made? politicily seen ,I think it was a correct attack,they made an (Dutch = Ultimatum, don't know the english word for it...) and saddam just "ignored" them and as long as no innocent people die, and they use nuke's or something,
  20. AscendantSaiyan

    Freedom of Speech. You decide.

    I would like to get the communities responce to using HL's voice communication. Pros: when 1.1 is out you can call for backup in a PS. Better communication is team games. Overall friendly battle chatter. Cons: Over excited ppl roaring KAAMEEHAAAAMEEEHAAAA down the mic. The games to...