1. H

    agent 47 vs freddy

    what if agent 47(from hitman) facing freddy, who will win??
  2. J

    Did Freddy Mercury have a craving for Chicken?

    ok, seeing as though Queen are one of the worlds best bands, EVER. any fan of queen (namely all of you), should have heard the track "One Vision". now what i want to know, is right at the end of the track, does Mr.Mercury shout out for some fried chicken?
  3. G

    Freddy Vs Jason

    who do you think is coolest?
  4. E

    Freddy Vs Jason

    i am obsessed with this movie, i've seen it 6
  5. V

    New Project( model)

    I am working on a model of freddy kruger model I got the idea from the upcoming movie freddy vs jason go to to see the trailer of the movie