1. Deathshot

    1,000,000,000,000 Frames Per Second This is amazing! I thought I would share it with you guys!
  2. M

    HTML Frames

    So what's the news on HTML frames? Are they outdated, out of style? I'm messing around with a small website I made in HTML which originally didn't have frames, but I'm considering adding them. I'm wondering though is there anything better or more efficient than using frames?
  3. F


    Hi guys i see in some Pics that the frames are 70,00 or 69,00 is this an new thing in 1.2 my frames are 50 or 55 in 1.1.
  4. Vashusa

    Help with animation

    I have been trying to make a model edit from useless resposes trunks with the katana. i took the katana and moved to the sidef trunks belt/body. then i made the animation for him to draw it fom the scabard at the side and from overhead but when i put it in game it cuts off the first 6 or 7...
  5. Z

    first .gif animation thing ....

    it has no real purpose. i just made it cause i was happy i learned how to do it :) [learned 2 days ago]
  6. Bryggz

    question for any experienced animators(milkshape)

    ok ive done it accidentaly a couple times but it would save me SO MUCH TIME if someone could tell me how to do this....ok one time i had a beginning frame....and then i place the last frame....and all the frames in the middle (the ones leading from the 1st position to the last position) were...
  7. SSJ4_Cell

    My Small and Quick Video .GIF

    Click here. Cool, eh? Crits please.
  8. Morrone

    Screenshot Help Request

    Ok I'm no pro sigger but I'd like to take screeenshots of episodes and use them for sigs much like the one I'm usingnow. I try hititng the 'prt scr' button onmy computer whent he frame I want to use a a pic appears but it doesnt work. The one in my sig was a fluke and I can't seem to od it...
  9. V

    Animation Pr0gZ

    Hey what are some good animation progs out there so I can do a alittle tweakin of my own.. I looked at the sticky for milkshape and that didnt say NE thing about animation support. ~RAGE