1. sub

    Fistful of frags [hl2 western mod]

    Pretty awesome mod, a new version just came out. I'll be playing it for a bit, I invite you all to join in
  2. stryphe

    Whats the most frags you have had!

    Please show me what the the most frags you have had. :smile:
  3. ?

    Hi kann mir einer dieses bild unter meinem namen machen?

    Hi alle DBZ fans!! kann mir einen dieses blid unter meinem namen und unter meiner message mchen ? ich hab davon keine ahnung !!:p
  4. S

    Best Explosion Ever!!!

    Not sure it was becuase I had set the gravity really high but me (Gotenks007) and my friend (Nightshade) were both goku. We had almost exactly 3.2mil energy and fired a kamehameha wave which stayed right in the middle until our powers ran out. Now mine ran out first so the energy slowly moved...