1. SSJ4boneVegeta

    Should Servers start using Frag Limits?

    In my personal opinion, I've already enjoyed playing esf with frag limits on. Whether it's free for all or team deathmatch, the goal and purpose of reaching a certain frags before someone else always made the game more interesting. Team work is always brought out then; even for free for all when...
  2. J fox

    frag unlocking

    iv had a idea i dont know if this has been talked about but u guys keep saying that super moves r 2 powerfull or no fusen or spamming wishes then how about useing frags as unlocking points like u want the super kamehameha but 2 power full once uv got enuff points or frags u can unlock it but...
  3. S

    Wrong frag attack name

    If this has been mentioned before, save yourself the effort or replying with a "Use search button'y" kinda answer and delete the thread 'cause i actually looked for this with search, and quite frankly i don't really care.. :rolleyes: Anyway, it is possible to send someone flying, but they...
  4. Mr.Bugskin

    GT Goku Skin

    Here is the skin but im not gonna put it into a model cuz i dunno and credits go to God Gundam and Me for reskin and skin edits Edit:this goes to the Goten Model to let u know
  5. Z

    android no 17 (for wariors of destiny)

    android 17 klick on the name c 17 the uper one is for esf the lower one is for my game wariors of estiny :D credits to the trunks and vegeta maker for the c17 model for esf
  6. D

    more then one wish with the dragonballs

    hey is there anyway to be able to make more then one wish with the dragonballs if so please let me know i want to see if i can fix it on my server so u cant do that:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
  7. ?

    Hi kann mir einer dieses bild unter meinem namen machen?

    Hi alle DBZ fans!! kann mir einen dieses blid unter meinem namen und unter meiner message mchen ? ich hab davon keine ahnung !!:p
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