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  1. Mr. Satans

    Better Your Computer (+FPS/+Performance/-Ping)

    * Make sure all external programs are closed (especially any download programs!). * Check your computer for adware/spyware/malware with... SPYBOT: Search & Destroy (FREE) Microsoft's Anti-Spyware Beta (FREE) Ad-Aware (FREE - But PRO Version Is Best) would be a good idea too. Another...
  2. grOOvy

    Better Your Computer (+FPS/+Performance/-Ping)

    OMG I R HAVING TEH SUX0RZ FPS, HELP MEH!!!11one! ----------------------------------------------------- Firstly, relax. Before deciding to go and make a 1-line thread complaining about low-ping, low-fps or lag, please make an effort to read through this post. PING Ping is a program that...
  3. V

    can u make an other uploading img...

    can u make an other uploading img, cause ur [img] site [img] cant upload on our pc, and huge people have no fps or site with his images, like me.... :cry: