1. Ravendust

    Fortune Teller Baba's Palace

    My very first ESF map, for the new forum competition: This was my main ref, though I have many others: I think i'm about 60% done. Still on my to-do list is... -Some textures -Skybox -Railings on the buildings balconys -More env_models (trees and rocks) -More player start...
  2. Mastasurf

    Fortune Cookie

    We were given 2 weeks (approx 8 hours) to find a fortune from a fortune cookie and make a video using After FX. So, here you go... This video requires the newest divx codec.
  3. Loki

    My Sig Host Almost Open

    Im prepareing to open a sig host for those of the less fortune. I will only accept up to 15 sigs to host 1 per person. Size must be reasonable, no flash sigs (too much file size). Go ahead and send me a pm within the next week or so with your sig attached. Ill send you a pm back telling you...
  4. S

    keen mapper needed!

    This is a simple request for a keen mapper or mappers to aid me in the development of my game, all nessisary acknowledgement will be given and if all goes well possible fame and fortune for all. this is just a request, for more infomation e-mail me at no OR advertizeing please if...