1. L

    Annoyance of file formats.

    So I saved a video (.mpeg) and a part of the file name had a "." in it and now the remaining letters are showing up as the incorrect format of the video. Thus, I cannot watch it even with MPC. Is there some way I can rename the file so that it will be the proper file format? I tried .mpeg...
  2. Vegeta

    Help with File formats

    I am trying to change a REAL ONE format file into a WINDOW MEDIA PLAYER format. I tryed changing it by file name and nothing changes because I am trying to Batch conversion of it in the Goldwave sound editor program. Does anyone know of a program or an easier way to change without the file...
  3. D

    Programs to do models

    Please someone say to me what programs i can use to do some models... better it be freeware - show me the link plzz:shocked: Thx a lot o_o
  4. S

    how do i...

    ... open my .gmax file in milkshape? cuz: -gmax = .gmax -milkshape = .ms3d help me plz !:talk:
  5. C

    Do you guys think Gmax is any good?

    What do you people think of gmax. If anyone does not know what it is, its a free modeling system based on 3dms. I checked it out and its ok.. What do you guys think? (Do any of you know any tutorials for it?) o_o
  6. X

    New Background

    Hey wanna see my Little New Background?? then contact me at AIM: Xsisthedj the background file is about 700 kb so its to big to upload..