1. PiXel

    Did i got fooled?

    I really have been lookin for one girl wich i asked outlike 2-3 months ago, the first time it was all fine, it was like both have been interested to each other. but always when i tried to meet her on the weekend she always did something or else, she always tried to exuse. although after 4-5...
  2. K

    Someone asked to see a new psych sig...

    I belive it was vegetas briefs but i unno. I fooled around and came out with this. Not as bold as my lst one but i like it a little more
  3. D

    Black Dog serenade

    I don't think I ever posted the finished pic but here it is. VERY VERY dirty, been sitting in my sketch pad for well... ever. I'll have some more stuff and post it here.