1. Spunky

    CPU Survey

    If you'd like the opportunity to help ESF, please download CPU-Z, then save a report to this thread. To do this, follow these steps: 1. Download CPU-Z. 2. Install CPU-Z. 3. Run CPU-Z. 4. In the 'about' tab, click "Save Report (.TXT)". 5. Save the report somewhere easily accessible, like your...
  2. KidMan

    Follow the White Rabbit

    The Matrix, it has you and you don't even know it until now. The food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink.... everything we know as our world is fake. Honestly, how can we tell what is real and what isn't? All the brain really is, is just a computer that interprets different...
  3. dan_esf_fanatic

    Never follow unknown people underground.

    OK, so ever since last summer my friends and I love to go to these so-called 'catacombs' that are near my city. Underground tunnels, if you will. We've gotten very deep and very far last summer, and it was amazing. All that adrenaline in your blood and that feeling of relief you get when you get...
  4. D

    would you follow guidelines?

    a dude i met a little while ago has set unofficial guidelines for everyone on the servers that hes on i wanted to prove to him that most people will not follow
  5. Sicron

    What of Naruto do you follow?

    Title says it all I follow manga and anime...
  6. (SS2S) Kakorot

    follow up on the azaru apes thread

    i made 'The fake moon and azaru apes' and i made this so i could add a poll, plz do not submit to this one as this is for a poll ONLY, i ask u to submit to the other one.
  7. Z

    How do i make my own sprites

    How do i make my own sprites... :warning: i have made a SSJ3 goku and will make a dragonfirst beam... but i dont now how... can sombody tell me......?! From [Team Z] - Zarp :notice:
  8. T

    Whats This Map's Name?!?!

    I WANT TO KNOW THIS MAP'S NAME!!!! I remember playing a map in BOTM, but i cant remember its name and i thought it was really FCKIN COOL. (you might be wondering why im not posting this in the BOTM forum, I DID, THEY WONT ANSWER!) All i can give you is a discription: 1. It was small...
  9. HyperSaiyaman

    Changeling Trooper Skin!

    For those that dont know, a changeling is the race of King Cold, Frieza and cooler, well as i thought it might be troopers in their planet so i made one heres a picture post ur opinions: I know this is a crazy idea without sense but im bored and i had nothing else to do ;)
  10. Hibiki

    Follow the white rabbit...

    im making this topic because its driving me nuts thinking about it this topic is for everyone who has enter the matrix and has gone to the part in hacking where we are told to follow the white rabbit and there has to be stuff after it because on the ener the matrix site there are tons of...
  11. T

    Wallpaper *first*

    *sigh* Lets try this again, Seeing how some people I wont name names they know who they are said I rip, But yet I have sent my **** to Naz - Mega - OWA. So I shall like to speak to them very soon, Maybe within today and tommorrow. Gen13 Wallpaper
  12. DBZFever

    Someone help me wit this drawing

    can someone help me finish this guys legs and hands. If youre going to use him somewhere ask me first, and if its a hentai site your answer is no right now.
  13. S

    Tutorials for milkshape wanted!

    Hi im starting to model, im alright, but i want 2 noe more so is there any one out there who can like give me a tutorial for making a dragonball z carachter? if u can pm please! p.s sorry bout my speelling!
  14. F

    i got a dbz chara. i think no one heard of

    yo if anyone know who`s this charcter in dbgt well they should make a model about him if yal don`t know post it on here and i`ll see if i can get a picso someone can make him and put em under frieza if not make koola i know everyone should know who he is ok
  15. Pommy

    My photoshop 7 tutorial

    I had this tutorial posted but then I was told to move it to The art tutorials page but I also wanted feedback on it. So here it is ok? It also is in there :X I have created a photoshop 7 tutorial for anyone who wants to learn the basics.
  16. Bryggz

    Gotenks Preference poll

    hey guys i dont want to waste metro-tek's time by him making 3 skins when he can just make 2, so ima ask this one question......first form of gotenks, want him normal or ssj? (plus it makes it easier for me to make 2 models, not 3 :) make those votes! itll make the release quicker
  17. L

    How Do I Convert My Sig??

    Sup, I made a sig from photoshop 7 and the file extension is a psd file. But it says when i try to upload my sig to a host is that the exstention needs to be a .gif .jpg .jpeg .png. Someone help me find a way to convert this file??? Thx
  18. D

    Make Chaters

    I have hard time follow those dirrection can u teach me
  19. freeportpretz22

    Making Models

    Maybe if some would help me get started on models, I got milkshape 3d, and HL model viewer (not sure if I need that tho) Well if anyone wants to help let me know! P.S. My AIM is DavisC6590 and My ICQ is 157948594
  20. S

    follow up to round suggestion

    as a followup to the suggestions for counterstrike-like rounds, how bout duels like ricochet? its splits u up into 2 people per section of the map, and it's just straight 1v1 dueling...and this is specific for the map, so if u don't wanr to duel, u can just change the map also...i know...