1. Denz

    Make a fold - tutorial

    I just want to share a little tutorial I made for ShadyD nothing special but it may help! If you guys like it you can sticky it but its not that important Have funeh! ok here's a fast tutorial on how to make them folds STEP 1: For a start choose a grey color (recommended) but in this...
  2. Brim

    Scrunch Roll or Fold?

    I made a thread about this a long time ago and got a really good chuckle from it so I think I'll do it again. How do you wipe your bum? Fold = Folding the paper along the perferations so that it makes a nice neat square Roll = Rolling the paper around your hand making a cylinderish...
  3. Brim

    Scrunch Roll or Fold

    Pretty self-explanatory...just say which one and why I began as a folder because that's the way I was taught by my parents, but as I grew up, I changed to a roller, much easier than folding, and much cleaner than scrunching...
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