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    client.dll (tryed everything.. including fmod)

    Im sure that you know the problem already.. but this time i tryed everying. im not trying to play the net so i dont need steam, but i cant even open a lan game. have the 1.2.3 version (and some others..) no one works.. (all of hem are full install) tryed to put the 3.6.0 fmod in the hllibrary...
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    esf beta fmod?!?

    what is esf beta fmod i saw it in the esf world siet but i dont know theres no read me only a likl file help me.what do i do and most important what does it do.
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    esf beta fmod???!?

    i just found it on esf world network site and its a ew file and im going crazy here wondering what it is. so can anybody ehre tell me what it is? i would love it if you could thanks
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    client.dll error, i tried the fmod thing, so dont even suggest it

    could not load library D:\HALFLIFE\esf\cl_dlls\client.dll i get that, i looked at ther directory, the file is there, and everything's exactly the same as it it's staed in the error, this is beta 1 btw
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    My game won't work (NOT FMOD)

    My game crashes when I try to enter a server :( I d/l the fmod and stuff but it still won't work.I've tried it on CS and HL but no good :(
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    Where do we put the Fmod file once we got it???
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    ok peeps instructions for fmod fix

    ok guys i got step for u guys who dont understand 1. go to the sticky thread with fmod 2. right click on the url for fmod and click copy shotcut 3. now you have that done, now open your halflife directory 4. once you have that done c:/sierra/halflife somthing like that 5. delete the old...