1. Zeonix

    Firefly MMO,72263-0.html?tw=rss.index I love the Firefly series, and while I think this game might end up like most other mmos (mediocre), I'm willing to try it just because of what it is based on.
  2. MasterTrix

    firefly ... stop mooning!

    I look at the screenshots in the gallery and the graphics are way better then mine. I have a good 3D-card! The "KI-bar and that LF-bar down on your screen are scetchy! the numbers r blocky and on the new screenie bout that special beam cannon of picollo. it's the same. just take a look at the...
  3. N

    hey Firefly

    wuts ur screen name? it would be easier to talk about the bots on aol instant messanger.
  4. G

    Happy B Day Firefly ^_^

    Happy bday @ Firefly! have a good next year and live long! btw.: sorry but my parents forbid (??) me to turn the comp for 10minutes on! hope that doesn't matter
  5. P

    Ryoko Wallpaper

    im messing around with efx in adobe, cos im a newbie at it, so i made this ryoko wallpaper, what do u lot think?
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