1. Mkilbride

    Finding Eden [Free SP RPG] So I played about 25 minutes of this. Pretty interesting...strangely haunting...somewhat shakes the nerves, and throw on a dash of depressing. I recommend it. One thing you'll realize right away is...the writing is good. I am really's...
  2. The Deco

    Help finding a song

    Okay, I stumbled this music played by Jay leno's band in the tonight show when they introduced some guest. This is the video and the music starts at 13:20 mins. This riff sounds familiar but I can't get myself to remember. My Android phone's shazam can't...
  3. Sicron

    Help finding the name of some music piece

    Recently I heard this piece of music on one of the Fox's Fall Season previews, since then, the movie has been deleted of Youtube by them (obviously..) but I was 'forced' to watch a documentary in class today, and the documentary just happened to include that piece of music as well, a longer...
  4. -Origin

    Need help finding a song.

    I've been told it's on iTunes... which I don't use. It was used in the end credits of True Blood S3 Episode 4, it's called 9 Crimes (Demo) by Damien Rice. I can't find it anywhere. I can only find the normal version.. which isn't nearly as good. Halp? :(
  5. Sicron

    Need help finding some fonts.

    For a school project, I have to sort of redesign a website to fit my own needs for the project. Now because of my uber fonttype recognition skills...I have absolutely no idea what fonts they are: Now, the two fonts I need are the "PinkPop" font, and the "Home", "Webshop" etc. font. I have...
  6. Spunky

    Help Finding a Music Video

    Yeah, a lot of these threads lately, just coincidence. I'm looking for a music video actually. I remember the video crystal clear, but I don't remember the artist or the name of the song (so I can't find the video again). The video shows two English kids skipping school and hosting a modelling...
  7. L

    help finding map

    hey i just wanted to ask if someone could be that nice to upload the evo_lookout.bsp it would be really awesome to play on it again.kinda like in the old times:D unfortunatly no site has it for you guys seem to be my last hope.i hope you dont let me down. so pls if...
  8. D

    Need help finding hl

    hey anyone know where i can get half life source ( whitout payng :P )
  9. O

    Need help finding a command

    Ok guys I love this mod , but sometimes I dont have time to wait or fight long enough to get Vegeta to his perfect form , is there a command I can use for my lan games to increase the starting power level for everyone?
  10. J

    Need help with finding drivers for my video card

    I have a intel chipset or something like that however everytime I find a driver for it its like my computer doesn't recognize it and for me to play any kind of game I need the most updated driver to ensure the game will run properly. Can someone possibly help me out?
  11. J

    Need help finding a face!!!

    Trying to figure out which real life actress/model they used for the likeness of Jaina Solo possible suggestions so far are Demi Moore (young) and Winona Rider (however her name is spelled...)
  12. Almighty_Gir

    Need help finding a face!!!

    Trying to figure out which real life actress/model they used for the likeness of Jaina Solo possible suggestions so far are Demi Moore (young) and Winona Rider (however her name is spelled...)
  13. Pieter Paul Rubens

    Finding an American (military?) address...

    My parents know somebody that married an American woman that was an officer in the American army. When the married, they started going from America to Germany and back all the time (her base was in Germany). Each year, around newyear, we receive a card of them wishing us a good newyear and...
  14. ~*Logan*~

    I need help finding out something

    The trailers on TV for Children of Men has a song playing with a little Piano in it. I'm almost certain it's an actual song and not just a trailer song. Anyone know what it is? It sounds really epic and I desire epicnessness in my earses...
  15. SSJ-Ducky

    need help finding a song

    theres a song out there with lyrics "So Break Down The past inst real" i cant find this song any where can some one help me......
  16. C

    finding server problems

    Whenever i try to refreshing the servers would show says "it cant query" or something..can anyone help me please?
  17. darkganon

    I need help finding tutorials for 3ds max 6.0

    Ummm hello im wondering if anyone knows of any tutorials for 3ds max 6.0 on helping me make a human model. If anyone knows please tell me.
  18. Graive

    help finding some esf servers

    hey guys i finaly have esf running online, Only problem is most servers i try joining are using EVM not that i have a problem with that i just need some esf only servers to test this out properly and not have to download evm joining them... O_o
  19. L

    Need Help Finding File

    Hello ppl i need help finding this file -----> models/evolution/Fusion.petara.mdl if u can help me plz help me. :)
  20. L

    Help Finding Model

    Hello ppl i need help finding this File ----- models/evolution/Fusion.petara.mdl so if anyone can help me plz help me. :)