1. B0Bmaster40000

    Console image

    im making a replacement menu screen pack with new images and stuff. Ive done most of it, but i cant work out how to change the image that is displayed in the console. I cant find the image file anywhere, and ive had a look at other mods to see how they did it, and i didnt find anything O_o so...
  2. AscensionX

    Perfect Cell

    Are there any current perfect cell models around? If not, who will help me make one? if so, post the link. P.S the second edition of the SSJ2 aura will be out probably with beta 1.2 (im mkain it :P)
  3. DragonDude

    *Gets on knees* Is there any hope?

    You might remember me with this problem, you might not. In the past, I made two maps for ESF, right before finding out that some very strange problem does not allow my computer to compile them with light. So, I made a few maps for TFC (Team Fortress Classic). I did not have this problem, and...
  4. V


    year the attacks but he ask for bitmaps but where you can find the bitmapss??
  5. squanman

    Wallpaper+sig, one of first

    Ahoi there, made meself a wall+sig ... It's one of the first I made and I'm still learning photoshop, so be easy on the crits, mkay ... :fight: O yeah, the pic of Tien is not the best quality, but I couldn't find any better ones of him flying like this ... The sig is the one I use...
  6. T

    just wanting to no

    Douse any one no if theres any new goku skins comeing out like no shirt goku were his shirt is ripped of or any new ones?
  7. H

    Gotenks model 4 1.1

    Anyone know where i can find a Gotenks model for ESF 1.1?? I've looked at a few sites and couldn't find anything.
  8. V


    What is the most recent version is there of Milkshape, and what plugins / addons would you recomend for modeling esf charicters. One last thing dose anyone have a good tutorial?
  9. JDeezNutz

    Majin Vegeta 1.1 model

    i have been searching and i couldnt find a majin vegeta model anywhere, maybe i didnt look hard enough or maybe i did, but anyway, if someone has a majin vegeta compatible with 1.1, can you please tell me where to get it, thanks
  10. U

    Recomplie Models, animation help

    I just got Adobe Photoshop and Milk Shape 3-D, I have decomplied a model, but i can't open it up in Milk Shape, I used the search and read the stickies but i can't find the answer, please help me