1. TAKHAR5000

    Change sounds?

    how do i change the sounds because i wanna change the final flash sound and i converted it to a .wav file and put it in the right place with the right name but when i used the final flash the sound didnt work :( , can sum1 help meeeee???
  2. Ghost_Ryder

    New FinalFlash sprite

    New FinalFlash sprite: Download: These files are esfworld. Not my creation. :)
  3. S

    Gokus kamehameha vs. vegetas Finalflash?

    isnt final flash suposed to be the strongest? its kinda funny but me and my friend tryed it out a few times on lan-party and at same powerlevel (5.000.000) kamehameha always won??? wtf? vegetas final flash takes longer to charge takes more energy +you cant move.... and is still weaker?
  4. S

    real finalflash

    who have sprite big final flash(real final flash in the tv)
  5. T


    hmm, the pic looks good.. but i think there have 2 be some open spots in the city.. where else would you be able 2 fire your kamehameha/finalflash attacks.. you can't shoot such an attack in a small road between 2 skyscrapers... you will never hit someone.. :S