1. Boogyman93

    How to use AA and Anisotropic Filtering in HL1

    For all those who have a Nvidia GPU go to it's controll panel / Manage 3D settings and set them to this.
  2. G

    Internet filtering UK

  3. G

    aint filtering

    my servers aint filtering . there are many halflife and counterstrike but only a few esf servers which i personally added myself. how do i filter so that lods of ESF servers come up and no halflife crap?
  4. G

    Help with filtering

    when i go to join game these servers come up: as you see how comes no ones connected to half life?> it always says 0/0 and i cant connext onto counterstrike cause it says this when i filter ESF and i meant to click on all the boxes in the filter page??? and when i click on...
  5. G


    Look at what I made!
  6. Synth

    Filtering Servers

    Sup ESF Forum Im currently having problems with Half Life. In the past it ran smoothly but lately searching for servers has become difficult. I'll check the correct boxes (are playing game, then scroll to ESF) and then I go to update. at which point it decides to filter all 27,000 +...