1. Skyrider

    Pixlr added on the forums - Online photo editor. Edit, adjust and filter your images

    Pixlr is a free online photo editor. I've recently added this on the forums for you guys to use. Edit, adjust and filter your images easily. For now, it can be found under "Quick Links" under the "Forum Features" tab. You can use it by using the following link...
  2. Damaera

    Want to know if the Swear Filter is staying on?

    People seem to keep asking if the swear filter is going to be deactivated again or not. Check this post out, or more specifically, this post. So, my friends, the answer is no. As stated by Skyrider, and Cuc.
  3. M

    A Way of Bypassing The 10 Character Filter

    When you have a phrase or a word that is less than 10 characters, do this. Word . Type in the word and press the spacebar about 10 times, it should work. The spaces show up as invisible and you can only see the word. Try it
  4. M

    Possible Copyright Filter for ISPs

  5. C

    Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror (PSP)

    Anyone get this game? Im close to gettin this game. I was waiting for Untold legends 2, but some previews make it look just like the 1st. It looks almost as like a splinter cell. IGN says its the Halo of PSP, which sounds pretty sick. 9.3 from ign 8.8 from Gamespot 5/5 from Gamespy...
  6. M

    how do you change filter to esf.

    all the manauls says to change filters at multiplayer>custom> and i don't understadn what it means adn where it is. if you can, can you explain how to change flters in english langauge.
  7. M


    What do I put in for Filter in ESF so i just get ESF games rather than CS and all that?
  8. I

    gt trunks

    here's an edit of nuttzy's base model... its trunks from dbgt.... the model is far away from completion.... crits are welcome but im not going to look at em because yall dissed my goku model just for the simple fact that he was black :S
  9. S

    Vegeta RedSayian V2.0

    How do you like him im not taking any critz cause have worked on him a long FREAKING TIME ok mabye about 5 or 6 days and i need a host for it. Credits: the guy who made vegeta, me
  10. S

    Here an idea

    Should I make a REVERSE skin for Goku or Vegeta? ill post the model here once i get idea
  11. Death The Jedi


  12. O

    garlic jr

    i wanna make a garlic jr model but i wanna ask you guys if you wanna have it because i know 5 DBZ mod and only Ebfp has one. Now this is what i was thinking about: -Make it for BUU Attacks: 1-melee 2-ki 3-generic beam 4-belly blast 5-Dead zone Explain the Deadzone: make the...
  13. X

    Seeking Truth

    Wopz! I think im on a spree!!!! This one is for a GFX Battle on PFX Forum. Name: Seeking Truth Program: Adobe Photoshop Picture: Girl from INeT Time: 2½ hour Experience: 2 years The round circle thing isent really good i know ;) Critz are welcome :D
  14. VivaLaPineapple

    interface or wall(critz/comments welcome)

    so yeah it was originally meant to be a wall but seriously could be an interface. what do guys think? most of this was done with pixels only filter used is blur.
  15. Moshe Kipod Ham

    New c17 skin

    [team Z] - Zarp gave me the c17 by Logan (sorry for the trouble it's a 100% true - sorry Logan :( His bro lied 2 him)and asked me 2 skin it... result: crits? comments? spam (don't :p )?
  16. Suh Dude

    Light Blade

    Watcha Think?
  17. Sicron

    Just something i made dunno what it is

    Well this is my first thing from photo shop dunno what it is lol i just messed with it well here is the "thingy" also i wanna ask something, some of you ppl make a bg and then u put a "transparant" goku or gohan in it, but how do u make them transparant?? ow and also, u guys always...
  18. Pommy


    i made a picture with my eye <img src=>
  19. G

    cant filter ESF

    well as I said in the tile I cant filter esf servers I keep getting counter strike comming up even though I set the filter to esf can someone help me please
  20. VivaLaPineapple

    fun without filters

    since ive been doin alot of a work with filters lately i need a break and started messing around with line art. comments and critz would be aprreciated. conisdering i used alot of trend whore techniques i may also do one of my spoof tutorils on it aswell. and since i kow poeple r ganna say...