1. FalconFury

    FileFront problems: Cannot download ESF 1.2.3 files

    I am unable to download Earth Special Forces Swoop Trail Plugin and the Swoop dust from FileFront. Can you guys please reinstall these 2 files? and the bounce plugin? thank you. and this to. The ESF powerlevel changer (Hint: Put this file in...
  2. Z

    Filefront mirror

    Hey everyone, The Filefront mirror was giving myself and some of my friends issues when trying to download the stable game. I'm not sure what was causing it, but the downloads would timeout after about 10 minutes. I was however able to download the stable version onto my website and mirror...
  3. Nemix

    ModDB VS ESForces (HL2Files / FileFront) Download Links

    Versus ModDB ESF Download Link or ESF (HL2Files / FileFront) Download Link? Which is faster for you? Well, for me, it's the ModDB Link... lol ModDB = 10 min ESF (HL2Files / FileFront) = 4 h tell me which is faster at you?
  4. Ghost_Ryder

    Some of the better files filefront for ESF

    Frieza Death Ball 1: Download: Frieza Death Ball 2: Download: Krilin Destructodisk: Download: Brolly Disc: Download...
  5. K

    Help why arn't the filefront downloads working

    We know that the mirrors on the files page aren't working. For now, download ESF from one of the following mirrors. ESF 1.2.3:;38840 ESF Open Beta: Final...
  6. T

    Heads up on FileFront

    This is my first post although I have been playing ESF on and off for a few years now. I have learned that FileFront will be closing its doors permanently on March 30th. I was not sure if anyone else is aware or not because I have not seen a thread relaying the heads up about this.
  7. M

    FileFront No More

    Source: Source: April 02, 2009 Update: Source:
  8. D

    Problem FileFront T_T

    Hello guys, I have a problem with filefront (if it is cut by 60%) and will not let me download anything: S could rise client (ESF) and EVM (2 EVM) of thanks before hand. Pardon my English esque not speak much English
  9. Skyrider

    [REQ] FileFront Clan Website Designer

    Can anyone here help me with the FileFront Clan Website Layout? We already have partly of the menu, here is the preview of that. We are wanting to have someone who can make the layout that fits that menu: More info: (I know this is rather...
  10. N

    Help with installing files from Filefront and ESFWorld...

    I got the 1.2 full download from fileplanet, the 1.2.1 upgrade from fileplanet, and the other two patches from ESF World. I installed 1.2 and 1.2.1 fine, but when I try to install 1.2.2, the "Install" button is grayed out. Anyone else have this problem? If so, how'd you fix it? >_< The...
  11. S

    filefront individual downloads

    It looks like in 2 weeks filefront will have the ability where any individual could upload a file. This would be great for a mod release because unlike other website, since filefront `kinda works on p2p the more people that download the game, the faster ur download is. It would be great for a...