1. Basslover722

    Wow i think i figured out the secret combos!

    Ok the secret combos are actually the directional buttons they put up when your in a thing when you clentching eachothers fists adn you have push the right buttons to win. Now if you guys record the directionall buttons and use them in advaced melee you would do some cool moves. What do you think!
  2. D


    Guys when u download the fmod.dll thing u have to change the name to just fmod.dll not efs beta fmod.dll!!!
  3. VivaLaPineapple

    since i finally reinstalled 3dsmax

    ive been doing a couple renders. what ya think i havent figured out what kind of hair style iw ant him to have.
  4. Eider

    Menu Pictures esf

    YOOO, i've been busy whole evening making this: If u changed ur skin from gohan to goten, u can put a new file in the directory u need (read readme). They are the pictures that replace the default ones, u'll see. it's hard to explain :p i...
  5. S

    Hi All!

    Hi all.. hey am new here and i was looking at the modles that people have made/making and it has inspied me to make some anyway.. were can i get milk shape from??? plz can any 1 help me O_O
  6. Q

    New Sig

    well I figured it was time to make a new sig.......this is what I came up with There are three different versions, tell me which ones you like best And of course comments and crits all always welcome
  7. S

    How do i...

    get my own avatar? i cant figure out how to get my own avatar. *edit* nevermind... i figured it out. gotta have over 50 posts can you delete this now?? please!!?? thanx..
  8. F

    Futile's Sig Thread

    I'll just use this thread for my sigs....nothing else.
  9. D

    mah siggy

    Definatly not my best work, but i figured, hey its Christmas Eve, Time for a sig. so i came up with this... (It was like a 5-15 min job lol (not including cutting the gogeta image out :P) I know. It kinda sucks. But some crits would be nice :) [Edit: Made a few slight changes :P]
  10. S

    Sig, By SwordMaster

    anyways devers closed my last thread because i add'et it in offtopic, well at the text to off-topic it says: "Off-Topic Come here to talk about anything NOT related to Earth's Special Forces. This is where you can test your sigs, and do other miscellaneous things." doesent that mean that...
  11. X

    New Sig Again

    well Made One More.. so there's a New Poll Going on. Sig 1 Sig 2 And The Newest. Sig 3
  12. R

    Almost Finished Rikimaru Model

    Well, this is the second model I've actullay made... I figured I'd take a chance at modelling Rikimaru, he always seemed pretty cool. Have a look at him here Thanks --------------------------------------------- Do or do not...
  13. Antoine3323

    Mappin help!!

    Hey, I just created one bad ass CS map, but whenever I try to play it, HL just crashes!!! I dont know why its doin that!! Everything is compiling fine, and to the best of my knowledge there are no errors!! Anyone have any suggestions as to what might be the problem?!?!?
  14. A

    Milkshape help

    i juss figured out how to use milkshape 3d and my trial expired SHIT sumone heeeeeeelp in ne way, gimme advice or sumthin i cant find one on kazaa or morpheus :(:(:(:(:(
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