1. Deathshot

    UFCF: Ultimate Fictional Characters Fighting (Not mine)

    There are so many of these. These are the fights we really need to see somewhere. These are amazing.
  2. M

    Favorite Fictional Character

    What is your favorite fictional character? It can be a character from pretty much anything - books, stories, anime, comics, manga, cartoons, legends, myths, movies, television shows, video games, etcetera. The only requirement is that they be fictional.
  3. Vegetin

    Fictional dbz character art

    fan fic Dbz art i moved to posting the art for my character here just for the peoplel who avoid the wip for modling area onces agian heres the ssj2 vr of vegetin Normal Ssj1 Ssj2 Ssj3
  4. Vegetin

    Fictional Character Wip

    My first post and my first head for a model made from scratch. He is Basicly gokus great ancestor and the storys a lil to long to sum up in a paragraph. Has Any one else out there got a lil creative and created there own fictional z character? lemee know and post um up