1. D

    ESF .fgd?

    The link in the fgd thread will not work for me, is there any other link to it? Any help would be appreciated!
  2. Amayirot Akago

    FGD for 1.2 ???

    Yeah... I've been meaning to get back into ESF mapping, but now that 1.2 is released, we'll need the new FGD, of course.
  3. TAz00

    Zhlt and model rendering FGD -by TAz00

    [v. 1.1] Zhlt and model rendering FGD *With Pics -by TAz00 FOR 1.1 ONLY! Ok, once again i edited the Fgd harSens made(The updated one) First time, was with the help of Mr. Satan. There we added model rendering for use with VHE 3.5beta. This time i, myself, added support for Zoner's...
  4. TAz00

    harSens updated FGD, with model rendering for VHE 3.5b

    Ok me and Mr. Satan edited the Fgd to make it display models with the 3.5b. Actually he did the code, and i fixed it :laff: Come to think of it that code was quite long... So heres a file for u TMS_ESF.FGD Right click save as is most effective here...
  5. CS-LAND

    esf fgd

    Where can I download the fgd? please...
  6. Yazuken

    Adding sensu beans

    How do you add sensu beans to ur esf maps?
  7. Yazuken

    I am missing some Entitys

    For some reason, i am missing some entitys in the entity selector. for example. i dont have Func_water and Trigger_hurt. does anyone know why this is?
  8. S


    How can i make an ESF map with quark
  9. Mr. Satans

    Valve Hammer Editor v3.5b & ESF

    The beta version of Valve Hammer Editor v3.5 has some nice new features, and I was wondering if there is an updated .fgd for viewing models n stuff. http://collective.valve-erc.com/index.php?go=hammer_beta
  10. I

    Spirit of Halflife

    I've had this program for a wile...and i think other people should start using it. Its a tool called Spirit of Half-Life and you can get it here It helps map making alot. Open GL is a nice thing to have for this tool. /if you dont have that...you see some strange things. But dont ask me what the...
  11. TAz00

    More advanced Fgd file

    I think we mappers could use a more advanced fgd file, like we want the func_train and such... Anything else u want? post it here....
  12. E

    moving death ball

    i'm busy trying to make a map with a sort of death ball (sphere made of red liquid that can kill) and would like to know how would i get it to move round on a path?
  13. E

    links for hull and fdg files

    where can i get the esfmapper file for those files, i checked the sticky's above but theyt are either not there or the links don't work...
  14. S

    Compiling Maps for ESF

    When I have compiled a map and I try to play it in ESF, I can't choose it in the list, it isn't there. Can anyone help me??? SSJ-Goku
  15. J

    esf fgd

    where can i get a esf fgd file for making maps in worldcraft/valve hammer
  16. E

    Spawn problem

    hi guys I just started to make a map for esf! Ive already mapped for Dod and Cs but now Im gonna map a little bit for esf! My map is 1/3 completed but Ive got a problem: When I spawn, I spawn circa 60 units over the ground! I can walk and fly around but Im always over the ground. Ive got...
  17. DragonDude

    Need links to required files!

    This might have been asked before but I can't find these files anywhere.....I have hammer editor and a compiler, but need the fgd. I found the fgd collection on www.valve-erc.com, but couldn't find the ESF fgd on it. :cry:
  18. V

    FGD file ?

    :cry: Ummm, don't i need a FGD file to start mapping, if "yes" were do i get it ?O_O
  19. MrMasj

    Any release planes

    Are some one working with a beta map Projekt. I´m just curious ;)
  20. C

    Player spawn question

    I was playin around in hammer and i made a map trying to keep in mind the scale down ... but once i placed the player spawn in i noticed the entity was extremely small compared to the rest of my map .. so my question is the little green block that represents the player spawn is that how big the...