1. M

    Okay WTF is up with this.... I mean come on FFS!

    ok basically i played esf like 2 yrs ago and its still the new 1.3 version hasnt been released. TBH this is taking too long I mean 2 yrs?! Come on ffs this isnt rocket science Ive seen better mods developed from scratch that are better in 1 and a half years. WHY THE...
  2. LionHeart


    i need an actiong crew, for the past month thats all i needed, i got a custom map made for my movie, custom models for the movie, custom sprites for the movie,voice actors, ambients made from scratch, i've been working my ass off 2 months for is it so much to ask for 6 guys to do what i say in...
  3. S


    damn my father asked me to instal emule now 3 days past and my pc works like a pieace of **** the last time emule was in my pc was before 3 formats and it was ruined and i mdae a format 6 days ago till emule arrived my pc worked like i dont know what :\ O_o
  4. H

    Gohan with cape!

    K here's another small edit....not much just fixed the hair and kinda rescaled and changed some stuff on the cape... PICCIE: Credits: ESF Team - For the Gohan model S-Bolt - For Piccolo with cape
  5. S

    Do you know a page for skins?

    Hello, do you know a page about skins for ESF?
  6. H

    Frieza without armor!

    K this is my first edit ever so it sux...I know it still has a lot to work on but oh well here's a screenie of what I've done so far... Ohh yeah, all the credit goes to the ESF team for making frieza form 1 and 2(sorry, don't know name of original modelers:rolleyes: ):p
  7. Ultra33Gokussj3

    Cool Yamcha done

    Cool Yamcha done/download I have edited i nice Yamcha model heres a pic Tel me should i release it?:confused:
  8. D

    gt chibi goku

    can some1 make a chibi goku or if it already exist tell me the site where i can download it
  9. G

    gt model pack!

    hey, i'm making a gt model pack. It'll include GT trunks reskin of short-hair armor Trunks by Styreta reskin by me! Chibi Goku/ssj reskin of Goten model by god gundam reskin by me! Adult Goten reskin of Yamcha by brollman RESKIN BY ME! Shenron (REPLACES SHENLONG IN CAPT DB MODE) reskin of...
  10. A


    ok nevermind that question how do i reskin a model i got milkshape and adobe photoshop and they still wont work or either i just dont now how to workem somebody plz help
  11. Rebirah

    Milkshape tutorials

    Please I just got milkshape and I dont get how to model... I need some tutorials... Im the biggest n00b in modeling :)
  12. L


    Cheers mate [email protected] btw where can i get swiss cheese maps?