1. The Noodler

    ff8 pic i drew

    i drew a pic of selphie play a guitar ( bad spelling O_O ) anyways i hope its good, i got the ref pic from a ff8 manga i have. Critz plz :)
  2. [MOD]Vegito


    I think there should be a Sqall replacement skin for trunks
  3. Mewtwo


    I made this one for my own desktop, I don't really want to take credit for it though because the bg is a cropped stock photo with a colour overlay and I just put a bunch of pics on it.
  4. E

    New Model For Elemental-Fusion...

    i forgot polycount, ill get it in a sec freeza saga goku if u didnt guess lol i have alot more to show if ur interested
  5. VivaLaPineapple

    what do ya think?

    i cant say i really like photoshop its interface is a bit more complicated then psp's but what do u think of this yeah i used a tut to learn how to do it but this was done from memory. i did this at a friends house.