1. O

    Servers have feelings too

    I've seen this link on the Free advertising hurts us all forums: http://www.digikitten.com/playhousev2/files/Illidan/lurkerhand.jpg Machines have their own minds... Matrix anyone? :rolleyes: Post your thoughts or other links like that :yes: *thinks of getting a new comp*
  2. *HurleyBoy*

    Expressing your Feelings

    now the last time i saw this thread it got closed and which this one will also probably get closed to. but there is something i want to say that has been on my chest for a while now and that is does each member here at ESF Forums have a right to express their feelings about other Mods...like how...
  3. MastaKilla

    SSJ Adult Gohan?

    I went to some model website to download battle damaged adult gohan and i put t in the files of gohan and ssj gohan. anyway, when i played it, it worked but when i transform, it isnt ssj hair color its regular. I think they forgot to make an ssj battle damage adult gohan. Plz fix the...
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