1. O

    Can someone to me a favour?

    like.. re model the game to naruto.. make a model pack and stuff.. and make it look like naruto and instead of shooting beams perform seals and instead of going ss ... u bring out ur full potential.. plz? or if u know a completed naruto mod thats finished please give me the site.. the mod can...
  2. T


    Ok, Im at my moms house in Denver, and she has Windows 98'. So I dl ESF and all the other junk and it works fine, but the problem is the Models I dl. Instead of going into an unzipped folder, it shows a little icon of a computer monitor, what do I do!? O_o :( :talk:
  3. Z

    big favour

    can someone make me a cool trunks model or give me the link to one
  4. Kama

    My Rendition of NeD's Vegetto

    Well I took some time to see what I could do, this is my first skin besides a few reskins, and before anyone asks keeping in NeD's favour this model is not up for download.