1. M


    What is your favorite character, map, attack, etc.
  2. Alteh


    How do you save or find the folder with all your favorites with mozilla firefox?
  3. S


    post links to your favorite sites for plugins/ links to the most useful plugins you know. please specify what program its for as i'll make a list on this post eventually. i'll have my favorites up soon 3dsm: simcloth-a great plugin which allows for realistic cloth very quickly examples and...
  4. KrazyKarl

    Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO)

    It's been awhile since I have drawn anything, but last night I drew this certain bad ass, those of you who watch (GTO) Great Teacher Onizuka know this guy, and for those of you who dont watch it...... you should, its the best anime i have ever seen.
  5. G

    request:rats map?

  6. N

    My First 1024x768 WP...

    Needless to say, this is my first WP and as you can see its got some bad quality to it, but just the same, it was a tribute to Yamcha, Yeah I know he isn't really one of the favorites or strongest in the series but I've liked his character ever since DBZ came out...Anywho this wp is just one...
  7. Chimpbot

    Here's some more of my stuff...

    Well..I decided to scan a few more of my pictures.. These were all done in 10-20 minutes while I was at work, using only a pen. Enjoy :D Proto Man Shadow Man Snake Man And finally, Cell