1. imkongkong

    Fave Final Fantasy STORY and GAMEPLAY

    NOT the graphics, NOT the WOW 3D world haxor omg.. which final fantasy story and gameplay is your overall favorite?? mine is ff6... its freakin awesome >_< next would b ff7 for me
  2. imkongkong

    Fave DBZ movie

    whats your fave? personally i like 12 fusion, then 13, then 8 then 10
  3. EvaUnit01

    Whats your fave DBZ movie?

    Hey everyone! So far, I have only seen 2 DBZ movies but I here that there are a lot more! So lets tell everyone what our fav DBZ movies are and why. If you dont wanna do that then why dont you tell us about ur fav part in one of the movies or even one of the parts in the whole DB/Z/GT series...