1. Es_Trunks2

    MY SSJ4 Goku reskin

    well,there have been alotta ssj4 gokus released lately and frankly,i dont like any of them :rolleyes: so i made my own,Creds go to logan,and fatmanterror,for their gogeta model(s),and i'm not gonna release this until i get some1 to get rid of the vest on him,milkshape wont let me for some reason...
  2. Demi-Shadow

    FATMANTERROR II - The Second... Sig

    Ok, I made fatmanterror a sig I thought was quite nice.. even though after looking at it today I thought it sucked so I made him a new one! crits please, i'm quite happy with it :D
  3. Logan4434


    for all you people out there who love my new found favorate dbz character Gogeta heres your big chance! heres a pic: and the dl link:http://filedb.redsaiyan.net/filedb.php?action=download&id=196 and the credits are in the zip so leave me the **** alone
  4. ]\/[ITCHELL


    i would like some models to REskin but if you give them put your name in the readme or something so I can give you the modelling creds my E-mail is [email protected] P.S. put it in a winzip or a winrar file otherwise I cant open it
  5. Demi-Shadow

    another sig, this one for fatmanterror

    ok, i was looking at fatman's sig area and i noticed it kinda empty, so i attempted to make a sig for him (he didn't ask, but what the hell.. if he doesn't like it he doesn't use it :)) being a sig and all, it's more practice, so crits and ratings please.
  6. SA_Gohan

    Model Pack pt2

    Since creating the Teen Pan concept is going to take a little longer than I iniatially anticipated, I've decided to work on Kid Buu. So far only the head is complete, and only partially at that. http://dynamic5.gamespy.com/~sos/forum/attachment.php?s=&postid=21432 Comments? BTW: 246...
  7. Freezer 75%

    Bradock week

    ok well i made today an offcial bradock day.....people who havent seen the saiyan movie dont know how good of a person bradock was.....and yet frezia kills him....its funny how the creators didnt let goku meet his father after goku died,and then goku could show is dad how he can go ssj4 and...
  8. S

    mystic gohan

    i m wonder is the an undameged version of anz adult(mystic) gohan modles cos im not realy into the battle dammige unles it slowly apear on my charichter ass i play but that cant be done yet i think probly could but it would take alot of scripting i would think
  9. freeportpretz22

    A Veggetto?

    OK, I went to get the Red Sayian, and the file of Veggetto was corrupt :S So does anyone know who has a Veggetto or where I can get one? Thanks, peace out. War Hamster
  10. Logan4434


    Could someone please reskin Fatmanterrors vegitto or make a new one.(preferably raven blade or AzN)no offence to fatmanterror(he's a friend)but the detail kinda well sucks on the one out now so please someone reskin or make a new one.thank you.:cry: :D :cry:
  11. fatmanterror

    New Vegetto

    well i made a new vegetto, its animated and everything, just gotta finish the skin
  12. fatmanterror

    SSJ2 Goku

    heres what im workin on now, im tryin to get better at skinnin clothes, how is it so far?
  13. fatmanterror

    New SSJ3

    hey i redid the whoooole ssj3 skin and redid the whole head of the model, using reference pics, something i didnt use before, the shirt isnt done bein skinned but thats not too important, tell me what u think so far,