1. Damaera

    Girl come cleans about false rape accusation, father out of jail after 11 years

    http://www.wwltv.com/around-the-web/Man-released-after-11-years-in-jail-after-daughter-admits-rape-claim-was-a-lie-145871615.html Basically this girl lied about her dad raping her, and he spent 11 years in jail for doing nothing. After coming clean, she isn't going to be facing any jail time...
  2. S

    Father and Daughter (Working title)

    Chapter 1 Story of a young blooded Sayian rested on the shores of pearl beach that lays on earth. This young dirty blond haired girl; with scarlet lit eyes and pure gentle skin rested her head lightly on the white sandy beach looking up into the sky also watching the salted waves rolling...
  3. DiebytheSword

    Happy Father's Day!

    Happy Father's Day to you few who are!
  4. Otpidarp

    Silly situation, Please Help Me!

    Guys, its my bad luck that I forgot my Steam password. I made a new account and I wanted a new Half-Life CD from the shop. Unfortunateley, there wasn't any Half-Life CD left, but I did see a Counter-Strike CD. So, I just want to ask that will I be able to run ESF's final version using...
  5. M

    Schoolboy Found Hanged After His Father Confiscated His New Wii

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1029685/Schoolboy-hanged-family-argument-new-Wii.html Well he sure did teach his father a lesson.
  6. O

    father and son kamehameha

    I think ssj2 gohan should have extreme ki costing and more powerful father and son kamehameha.:yes:
  7. M

    Mario Claims to Be Father of Anna Nicole's Baby

    Controversy surrounding Anna Nicole Smith?s death has taken the world by storm. And now the story is about to get a bit more interesting for gamers. Mario, a man who took the world by storm twenty years ago with the never-ending Super Mario Bros. franchise, has claimed to be the father of...
  8. Mr. Phonso

    Father of Kakarot =o

    dunno what its gonna be used for but it will be used in some sort of way (dont ask me please =] ) well its been under development for 2 days, C & C would be nice http://img279.echo.cx/img279/3160/render16cs.png http://img279.echo.cx/img279/5559/render27ra.png...
  9. I

    goku... i am your father

    i always wanted to say that Creditz to Esf Team Oh and by the way.. the hair isnt completely attatched because i dont know if ima make my own so dont worry about that.
  10. Death The Jedi

    Holy father of satan!

    Ok.. anyone else hear about the band Hell On Earth? They're going to have someone KILL THEMSELVES ONSTAGE this saturday at a concert in st. petersburg, florida, and broadcast it live on the web to promote euthenasia.. anyone else think this is royally ****ED UP!?
  11. .FM.

    note book art

    yea i got bored in school :S
  12. S

    Should E.S.F get more characters?

    I would vote YES!
  13. I

    Bardock Father of Goku

    I never knew about this dbz special untill a couple of months ago which I found on irc so I downloaded it, then about a month later I decided to watch it. I just thought I'd say that its an interesting movie to watch as it fills in gaps that I have seen clips of on dbz episodes. Who else...
  14. O

    any custom wads?

    or just any texture, the wads in the folder are not much, so i was wondering if someone has any ..... thx anyway
  15. V

    Who's your father?

    I'll be dammned, look at the size of that...w OMFG ITS A FISH /me runs