1. S

    plain or fancy ?

    which border do u like the most?the plain one? or the fancy one? fancy plain
  2. VivaLaPineapple

    fancy title tell me what ya think
  3. G


    Look at what I made!
  4. VivaLaPineapple

    cut and paste tutorial

    how to make something very simple look nice. step 1 open photoshop and set your canvas to 1024 x 768 step2 make the background a color that doesnt hurt the eyes step 3 cut out an image of your choice that is somewhat high quality and colors compliment the bg color step 4 get some...
  5. Escobar

    Bebop Wallpaper

    like d title says.. i used bryce in this 1, my first real work wif bryce
  6. VivaLaPineapple

    new deviant id

    comments and critz plz programs used: photoshop 3dsmax
  7. TehMuffinMan

    Funky Pointy Thingy!!!

    righty then... you know the thing thats above your firends/enemys heads... i accidently turned them into a sphere in a accident... i thought i should redo it so i did... and i ended up with a funky arrow pointing to all your opponents! piccy below! nothing too fancy.. but its the first...
  8. Escobar

    WIP layout crits and comments plz.. crits r important, but remember this is still very WIP
  9. Hsu

    My ESF wallpaper

    This is my esf wallpaper that I have been working on. Nothing special and it still needs quite a bit of work. I just wanted to show you what I have done and also to get some feedback about how I can fix it to make it better (no fancy stuff, I am keeping this one VERY simple.) Thanks...
  10. SA_Gohan

    Character: Pan

    Aye, I know, another anime, but this time it's a new spin on an old character. Pan Chan from DBZ! I've created this teenage version of her for a model pack for ESF. I think this is going to be one of my last anime based models/concept art for a long time, so I want to do the best I can at it...
  11. KuBaN

    Suggestion/Crit on 2 Beta models

    First off I want to say ALL the models are VERY impressive. They all look amazing and I have no complaints, just two things I found that I think should be looked at. Trunks hair needs to be movable like Goku's and Vegeta's. Solid hair just ain't workin nemore :D . An advantage would be (if...
  12. Megasaxon

    new sig, and avatar, and rr splash

    ok, well, yeh ^avatar sig, is, in my sig and as for the rr splash: and yeah. :o
  13. suicidal_maniac

    Which sig is better?

    Which Sig is better? Sig 1: or Sig 2:
  14. N

    Works with Ink

    Within the last year, I have done 2 Vegeta drawings with an ink pen. Here they are, tell me what ya think. I had a case of insomnia 1 night, so around 2 in the morning, I did this one. This is the first one I did, with a regular ink pen, this took me 3 and a half hours. This one I...
  15. X


    Hi Im Making Two Wallpapers right now.. and a new sig so i just want to show it when im done its taking some time.... Hey im only using Paint Shop Pro but im not that good at it so i just want to show some of them until now i have made about 5 wallpapers to my friends but these are more simple...
  16. MrMasj

    Esf_Tournament Release

    Esf_Tournament News Im closing this treat for any more infromation from me The Alpha version is still download abel
  17. S

    First Background Ever Made BY Me

    What do you think? If you like it I jsut want to tell you that I will be putting more wallpapers at....