1. Diablos

    Evangelion Fanart

    Evangelion Fanart #2 I havent posted anything in quite a while as im trying to get out of this rut i'm in (quite unsucsessfully) at the moment, however, here's something i'm going to try and see through to at least colours hopefully... Here is the 1st wip, didnt bother making a thread here...
  2. Diablos

    Brolli Fanart (you know why).

    Yup, i've been playing some ESF with the awesome Brolli pack by GodGundam (and everyone else who helped of course), and i was inspired to do a brolli piece of my own :) Here's the rough draft, sketched up most of the major areas (but im not going to do a full body, i'm too lazy :P). The face...
  3. Diablos

    Halloween Fanart

    I had fun with this one, not your usual take on a bag full of treats from some trick or treating ^^ edit: ugh, missed an L in the title -_-
  4. davidhalo

    Fanart - Movie 6

    Dragonball movie #6 had some of the best quotes in the entire dragonball OaV's and Series itself. So without further adoo...or however you spell adoo..... Here's Goku screaming his lungs out!!
  5. Saiga

    Fanart Sig

    Hey all, a friend of mine made this image of a boy that I've used in my sig, I'd like to know what you guys like and/or dislike about my sig, here it is; I decided to work with purple and blue because both of those colours give me the impression of passion and emotion. I got that feel...
  6. S

    my fanart

    what do u guys think of my pics