1. K

    I knew the PS3 Controller looked familiar

    Upon browsing through an old issue of EGM (i think it was April 98) i came across an ad for a new control pad for the Playstation. http://www.vidgames.com/ps/hardware/alpspad.jpg Turns out this pad was quite popular and often considered by many to be superior to the original controller -...
  2. S

    The Answer to my This looks familiar thread.

    If you would've read between the lines you would actually know I wasnt the one ripping his model or trying to rip his model, but i guess the mods and admins here still have there heads in there ass on this forum.
  3. S

    this looks familiar

  4. I

    Buu Saga Vegeta WIP

    it started a while back when i was making goku... well i decided to make goku and vegeta from the buu saga... then i said... forget goku he's no good character anyway... so i did Vegeta TADA! Ok.. Ok... Ive accidently deleted my goku model when i was cleaning out of my "My Documents...
  5. Z

    First bryce pic

    its become my little project to make space crafts from a planet called Xan, a water planet far away from earth, with aliens on it (of course..) well anyway, hope you like crits?
  6. S

    need help with a tutorial

    I could need some help here: "Next load make sure Milkshape is the active application and press ALT + Print Scrn. This will copy an image of the Milkshape application. Load Photoshop and use File > New to create a new image. Name the file ref_ body and click “OK”. Using the selection...
  7. Ultra33Gokussj3

    Ultimate SSJ4

    Well i have made (not completely) aSSJ Goku Its badass I need Sin (Sin Goku) to assigne the bones , because i suck at that Anyways heres the pic Credit to AZN - arms , legs Real modeler of goku - body Tell me what do you think? :laff:
  8. xstortionist

    ESF Piccolo...new to some people...old to me.

    yea I made this new piccolo model for ESF a long time ago...i thought maybe some of u would like to check it out. http://www.angelfire.com/ms2/ssjdomain/esfpiccolo.jpg
  9. S

    ghp_earthcanyon Map

    Hey ppl I have worked for the past days on my first map for GHP ( ghp.flagrun.net). Its based on the place where Trunks have fought Frieza. The freeza space ship on the pic isnt the final, its just to show you guys where the ship gonna be placed in the map. There isnt any ligtning yet in the...
  10. E

    Chrono Trigg paper

    This was way rushed, but I just felt using the brush to make something. Someone asked for it, so here goes nuffin.
  11. IceFire2050

    Which sig is better?

    well im very new to this and so far ive made 2 sigs which one is better? my first one <p align="left"><img border="0" src="http://www.boomspeed.com/icefire2050/icefire2050.bmp"></a> and my second one <p align="left"><img border="0" src="http://www.boomspeed.com/icefire2050/trunksig.bmp"></a>
  12. B

    Vegeta SSJ3 with a blue tail

    who all want Vegeta in ssj3 well this is ur chance i kinda tryed to make the hair bit longer but i need a good modeler that can remove the tail and make the hair a bit longer Heres the pic http://www.angelfire.com/blues2/ss/Dq.JPG
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