1. PiXel

    Fame Cry - Annoying Kid *Ultra funny*

    Well like the titel says xD http://tryforce.x10hosting.com/famcry.wmv have fun!
  2. Vegeta's Briefs

    Hall of Fame pt.2

    Okay people, take your votes. Vote for who should be on the hall of fame. Now, how I did this was I chose the top ten most voted on people in my other thread, and for the people that didn't make it, I'm sorry. I left it open for a week, and these are the results. (NOTE: this only stays up...
  3. Vegeta's Briefs

    Hall of Fame

    Okay, somebody was talking about making one of these a while back, only it seems to have been forgotten. So, I'll ask for people to put up the names of 5 people they want to see on the hall of fame, then I'll put up a poll with the top ten of them all and we'll just vote from there on, okay...
  4. Big Bang Attack

    Wall Of Fame

    wat do u guys think of a ESF FORUM WALL OF FAME if yes i see like Hibiki, .FM., Tepus, Ryoko, Majin_You and the team the mods and other people that make the forum fun and cool or member of the month for each section the wall of frame would have there sigs on it
  5. S

    keen mapper needed!

    This is a simple request for a keen mapper or mappers to aid me in the development of my game, all nessisary acknowledgement will be given and if all goes well possible fame and fortune for all. this is just a request, for more infomation e-mail me at no OR advertizeing please if...